About Us


Na Trans Egypt (NTE) was founded by Dr. Nader M. Metwally in 2005 and it was registered as a full transportation service company.We started our first activities in the mining industry, then we converted our activities to exporting raw materials mainly Rock Phosphate and Ilmenite Ore.With 55.3 million average turnover and business stability, we started to aim our focus on the following:


Port Management:

With Na Trans experience over 20 years in port management and operation, we have the honor to take the responsibility of operating Abu Ghusun Port.


What will be next?  Only God Knows.



Mission statement

Na Trans Egypt (NTE) is committed to reach perfection in all our activities through our highly qualified team members.



If you wish and dream to reach the sky, you to work hard to achieve your dream reaching the sky.  


About us (Our History)



Started our transportation business in the biggest mining company in Egypt (El Nasr Mining Co.) and we were not only in a very successful performance transporting the Rock Phosphate from the mine to the factory, we also applied a multimodal transportation by moving the Rock Phosphate through the Nile River in south of Egypt to some fertilizers factories in north of Egypt.


2007 till now

In 2007 Na Trans became one of the main exporter of the Egyptian Rock Phosphate with its different grades starting from 20% P2O5 grade up to 30% P2O5 grade We are exporting the Rock phosphate in bulk, 1000 kg bags, 50 kg bags, and 25 kg bags In addition to South East Asia, we exporting the Rock phosphate to Europe, USA, Australia, and Newzland


2010 till now   

We are exporting the Egyptian Ilmenite Ore to Europe and China


2014 in progress

First SSP (Single Super Phosphate) factory with 500 TPD production capacity using a new and unique technology in this industry.      



Na Trans is the fast growing company. If you believe that you can make a difference and add value to our team, write to us and we will come back to you.